I Hear You I Just Don’t Agree

People with dogs like to tell you that only a dog can truly love you. Like Coke is any better than Pepsi. They will tell you that a study was done that showed that dog’s brains would indicate a love for their owners.

Of course we have studied how other animals feel about us because. The reason is simple, we’re not about to communicate with them in a common language. So it is a best guess scenario on both of our parts to understand one another. Either of us can only surmise from the others behaviors what the intention is which leads us to this; yes, many animals not just dogs are capable of strong and questionably rational attachment to their human companions.

That means that while I hear your argument, I simply do not agree with your final results.

My cat follows me around when I get up. She doesn’t really want anything material from me in doing this. She wants to be with me. I know this because she often ignores offers of playtime or food, which used to be one of her biggest pastimes until we started to put her on a more regulated diet. She simply wants to be near me, nothing more. She sleeps on my lap when I let her. Usually when I’m watching something or I’m’ playing video games. When I go to bed she sleeps between my legs at first but by the time I wake up she is tucked up next to me under the blankets. When I come home she will sometimes cry. It isn’t like you and I cry, it is more a mournful meow that lasts a minutes if I ignore her. She wants attention, companionship and love. This can be in the form or her cries, but she will also tap me on the arm. When I get up instead of petting she will reach out and try to hold on to me and pull me back.

My mom feeds her and gives her her treats, as far as giving her too many of them for her own good. And yet, even though I am away at work and studying and I am not directly involved in her feeding she shows me a great deal of affection to the point of being a distraction. Everything form: play, grooming, snuggling, need and want of attention and companionship. She doesn’t beg for food with me like she does with my parents, probably because she does not associate me with food. But she still wants to be around me.

When I traveled to Norway for a semester to study abroad she would have probably forgotten about me had she not loved and missed me. Instead when my mom and I skyped she was there and would rub her head on the screen. Missed her a lot during that time for what it is worth.

This is love. And that is not even a colloquially, yes.

Because here is the thing, measuring that for people is not really possible either.

When I’m Away

When I am away for longer periods of time my cat can get pretty lonely, she is not alone, but I think that she is the most attached to me.

She is normal when I come back, save that she wants to spend even more time with me. I end up snuggling her in bed, and she is nice to spoon with. Even if she does enjoy touching your face while you sleep.

When we first left on vacation I was expecting to return to a super annoyed cat that wanted nothing to do with me. When we can in the door she was waiting, and after a wiggle she jumped up onto my sun burned arms. It was painful and heart warming at the same time.

She has never taken “revenge” like some people have suggested she would. Which I think means that she really loves me as much as I love her.

My Cat Knows Better

When people hear me say that I love my cat, they snicker. I don’t care, let them. She really is special to me in ways that they will never understand. Of course she has her quirks, not that they are bad. One example is that she will knock her food bowl over, she will also push the cup I use to scoop her food into the bowl onto the floor. She does this when she’s hungry and it is her way of communicating with me.

She used to be thicker when we adopted her, but over the time she has been able to slowly loose some of that weight.

In general she is a lot healthier now, save a birth defect that doesn’t actually inhibit her.

When little princess heart is thirsty she knows that I will give her water. So how does she communicate this? She will topple over empty water bottles and plastic cups if she can find them. One point to note here, just like with the bowl and measuring cup she has never knocked over anything with liquid in it nor does this apply to anything made of glass.

I think it’s a pretty smart, but then she is my cat, and it is her way to communicate with me. Sure it can be annoying in the middle of the night, but it is still benign.

Another thing about her, she is cligy. Not in a bad way. She just loves being around you. She will follow me around everywhere, but she just wants to be close, she is not overly affectionate which could lead her to get into the way. No. She’s an independent little girl, and this might make you think that she is stand-offish but she is not. A nice example is when I go into a different part of the house. She will get up and follow me if she knows that I am not coming back right away.

We used to have a little game.

The title of the game is “I Want To Pee In Peace.”

The rules were simple. When I would initiate a game of “I Want To Pee In Peace” by actually trying to do so in peace her part was: “I want the kitty cuddles, dammit!”

The fun doesn’t stop there though. We have another game. She is a big hugger. And she will do so with her claws out. This has brought way to another game call: “Pass the Princess.” The reason is because it is actually easier to pass her to someone else that put her down on the floor. It doesn’t matter who it is, she loves to cuddle, she is like a little baby. Here is how our little game works. If you find yourself in possession of Princess you have to sneak up behind somebody, lean over, and then like a facehugger she will latch on to the next person. Then she will spend time cuddling with her.

The only time that this is really a problem though is when you are wearing a sweater or something like that.

Her previous family actually had her certified as a therapy cat, but we never took her anywhere because you would need to get her claws capped.