Pika On Parade

I think that the various Japanese styles are often misunderstood. I mean, when you look at Pokemon here, most people think that it is for children, or little kids. Adults will shun you when you like them. These are the same adults that get caught up in the latest Disney Princess by the way so I think that it is a bit of a double standard.

When we like something it really doesn’t matter what it is, the people that like should be free to enjoy it.

Japanese culture is a little bit freer in that respect. And that is why I love the various forms of this style that transcends fashion and culture. You will see it all over. Even road crews will use cute cartoon animal inspired barriers and stuff like that.

Here they are all “manly” men and they wouldn’t be caught dead with a pink bunny, which is a pity really. I mean they want use to be all soft and feminine, but guess what, that doesn’t mean we want a hot sweaty guy that is covered in grit. If that is who you are you need to keep looking. Because you can’t have it both ways.

That is what brings me to my site.

The term pika, is, as many of you know a term to describe adorable round little animals. Though in Japan it means lightening.

These do not have to be animated as is the case for the world’s best known pika, Pikachu! Instead it could just as easily be a reference to the real life counterparts which are just about as rare and adorable, one example is this collared pika which definitely does explain why they are so popular. Though I do find them absolutely sweet in every way I tend to focus on the illustrated variety.

I have been busy lately adding new illustration to the website which show you what I mean. These come in a number of different styles. Usually I will try and keep them confined to chibi, anime, and the occasional cartoon animal. Well, maybe a little bit more than occasionally. 🙂

And now for the parade!